Making and Customizing Your Skin Care Regiment


Gifts for family and friends can be difficult to think of when they already have everything. You also don’t want to be that person who buys them a gift card to Chiles again this year. So how do you find something that they can use but is still thoughtful?

Making them their gift can be a great way to show someone you were thinking of them and you wanted them to enjoy their gift. Before you decide to make someone something though, be sure to find a good craft or recipe and follow it exactly. Making a relative or friend something can be rewarding or embarrassing depending on the work you put in.

If you’re making something for a sister or mother, you may want to consider making a luxury spa set. By making lip balm, bath salts, and a facial mask, you can give them a luxury skincare present they will truly enjoy.

For the lip balm you will need:

  •  A few drops of their favorite essential oil
  • 1T vegetable oil
  • 1T bees wax

After heating the vegetable oil and bees wax separately you should mix it all together with 4-5 drops of oil. Then let it set for a day before giving to your loved one.

Bath salts are spa products that have been popular for years and are relatively inexpensive and easy to make. By taking a trip to your local grocery store you can find almost everything you need.

For the bath salts you will need:

  • An entire carton of Epsom salts
  • Rose essential oil
  • Half a dozen roses

Tear the rose petal off of the roses and let them dry on a flat surface for at least 24 hours. Once the rose petals are dry, place the Epsom salts and the rose petals into a gallon Ziplock bag. Then put 6-10 drops of essential oil into the bag. Shake it up! Once they are properly shaken, put them into a nice glass bottle or tub for your loved one to enjoy.

Professional skin care products can also be easily made using products in your home or at the grocery store. Spa facial products usually contain very simple ingredients such as oatmeal, milk, cucumbers, and even yogurt. If you’re making a facial for someone that wants to fight wrinkles and other signs of aging, a strawberry and oatmeal facial may be best.

To make a strawberry and oatmeal spa skin care facial you will need:

  • A cup of strawberries
  • Half a cup of oatmeal
  • Half cup of Greek Yogurt

First you should take out all the seeds from the strawberries. The seeds are what contain anti-aging properties such as vitamin C. Then you eat the strawberries and add one or two into the facial for the smell. After that you can add the half cup of Greek yogurt and oatmeal into a bowl until it is all thoroughly mixed.

When you give your loved one the spa set be sure to tell them to only use a half cup of bath salts each time and to put the facial on their face and neck for 15 minutes.


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